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Arabian- Beautiful

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Perfect fall pout

How get the perfect fall pout

Join the United Arab Emirates in getting to know their beauty, get their beauty tips about the Arabian Beauty. Thier home remedies to having a beautiful healthy looking you. From Abu Dhabi to Dubai, the main attraction. the experts will help you get to know the herbal science of Arabians. This is your chance to get to know the Arabian Beauty secrets, pure from the land and in the Beautiful land of Arabia itself. Although Dubai is Full of Artificial Nature that it has created, but the Beauties in Dubai, the Arabic are to be complimented and they are coming to their homeland to tip you with some of their unrevealed secrets, be relieved now! instead be excited but be patient till the coming 2015. Dubai’s Arabian party nights are to turn into Beauty ones from 28th till 31st January 2015, make sure you dont miss out, whats under those Hijabs, Beauty..yes!

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Four Steps to the Perfect Fall Pout

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Perfect fall pout

How get the perfect fall pout

How many times have you envied the models on the glossy pages of fashion magazines for their inviting luscious lips? They are not supernatural creatures but their pro makeup artists do know their stuff! Read on to discover how you can achieve their flawless lip looks in four super easy steps.

1.      Exfoliate

The most underrated and crucial part of lip care in the dry winter weather is exfoliation. Your lips are bound to have dried bits hanging to it no matter how much you moisturize because it is only natural once the humidity drops. The simple solution is to make a DIY lip scrub at home with brown sugar and honey to peel off all the dead skin and reveal the new one underneath it.

2.      Moisturize

Drinking plenty of water is very important for your body as well as your lips. However, the skin of the lips is much thinner than that of the rest of your body so keep them baby soft with a good lip balm that you keep in your purse at all times. Great options are Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm, Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stains, Clinique Chubby Sticks and Barry M Lip crayons that you can purchase in attractive colours from any drugstore makeup counter in Dubai.

3.      Lip Liner

Most people do not realize what an awesome investment a lip liner is. It not only adds clear definition to your lips but also gives your lip color something to adhere too for a long lasting effect with no need for touch ups on those busy days. It will prevent bleeding and feathering for perfect lips all day long. Go for a clear anti-feathering lip liner or deep hues from a wide range of lip liners from MAC, Milani, Chanel, Revlon, Catrice that you can easily find in your nearest shopping mall in Dubai.

4.      Intense Lip Colors

Fall and winter are all about gorgeous berries, deep reds, burnt rusts and oranges, cranberry, plums and even browns are back with a bang! You can find them in a variety of finishes like stain, cream, satin, sheer, matte and metallic textures to add variety to your looks. MAC, Revlon, Shu Umera, Chanel, Lime Crime, Milani, The Balm, Bobbi Brown and YSL have some stunning lip products to choose from which are readily available in any major shopping mall in Dubai.


So start this routine from now on and watch as your own lips transform into a luscious pout that mesmerizes all onlookers!


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Tips to prevent fall out during eye makeup

Prevent fall out for the perfect eye makeup

1.         Shadow Shields

Shadow Shield is one of the most useful new beauty tools around because it prevents messy fallouts from reaching your under eye area so there is literally no clean up duty afterwards! It is a trademark and is widely available through international shipping as well.

2.      Loose Powder

Loose powder is not just the secret to flawless skin by setting your foundation for seamless ageless beauty. It is the ideal way to catch eye shadow fall out! All you need to do is pack on your favorite loose powder before eye makeup and brush it all away with a big fluffy powder brush after you are done and voila! Perfect eyes! There are a number of great loose powders to choose from like Lancome, Clinique, Shu Umera, NARS, Giorgio Armani, Urban Decay and Makeup Forever that are available in large malls all across Dubai.

3.      Eye Cream/ Makeup Remover

It is recommended that you finish your eye makeup before foundation application. This way any fall out that occurs meanwhile can be cleaned up simply using a good quality eye cream that nourishes your delicate under eye skin and leaves it spotless and glowing for concealer application which really is the key to neat pro eye makeup! Clarins, Vichy Laboratories, Raw Skin care and DERMAdoctor have some great eye creams which you may purchase from major shopping malls in Dubai.

4.      Fan Brush

A fan brush is found in every large makeup brush kit and its main purpose is to brush away any residual make up particles that ruin your hard work. Even if you have already applied face primer and foundation, a fan brush is a safe bet to gently sweep away those annoying bits of unwanted products. MAC, Sigma, BH, Kryolan and Real Techniques have superb quality brushes that you can get from any major beauty store in Dubai or order through their online websites.



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This Fall Wing It with a Splash of Color

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One of the hottest trends for Fall 2014 spotted all over the fashion runways is the flicked eyeliner in various hues of blue, green, plum, silver, gold, brown and even red! It pairs up extremely well with the deep colors of fall outfits and lends a vibrant effect to the entire look. So, rock bold eyeliner styles fresh from the Paris runways this season with a pop of color to add more life.

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Go for high end brands like Revlon, MAC, Bobbi Brown, Chanel and YSL, available at all major malls across Dubai. What are you waiting for? Get this smoldering funky look and let your eyes do all the talking!

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