Saturday, October 21st, 2017


Tips to prevent fall out during eye makeup

Prevent fall out for the perfect eye makeup

1.         Shadow Shields

Shadow Shield is one of the most useful new beauty tools around because it prevents messy fallouts from reaching your under eye area so there is literally no clean up duty afterwards! It is a trademark and is widely available through international shipping as well.

2.      Loose Powder

Loose powder is not just the secret to flawless skin by setting your foundation for seamless ageless beauty. It is the ideal way to catch eye shadow fall out! All you need to do is pack on your favorite loose powder before eye makeup and brush it all away with a big fluffy powder brush after you are done and voila! Perfect eyes! There are a number of great loose powders to choose from like Lancome, Clinique, Shu Umera, NARS, Giorgio Armani, Urban Decay and Makeup Forever that are available in large malls all across Dubai.

3.      Eye Cream/ Makeup Remover

It is recommended that you finish your eye makeup before foundation application. This way any fall out that occurs meanwhile can be cleaned up simply using a good quality eye cream that nourishes your delicate under eye skin and leaves it spotless and glowing for concealer application which really is the key to neat pro eye makeup! Clarins, Vichy Laboratories, Raw Skin care and DERMAdoctor have some great eye creams which you may purchase from major shopping malls in Dubai.

4.      Fan Brush

A fan brush is found in every large makeup brush kit and its main purpose is to brush away any residual make up particles that ruin your hard work. Even if you have already applied face primer and foundation, a fan brush is a safe bet to gently sweep away those annoying bits of unwanted products. MAC, Sigma, BH, Kryolan and Real Techniques have superb quality brushes that you can get from any major beauty store in Dubai or order through their online websites.