Monday, October 23rd, 2017

Today’s episode saw the players looking their hottest with the launch of a new fashion store right on the show! So hold on to your hearts as they dress to impress and blow you away with their style sense and light the ramp on fire! The choreography charge was given to Diandra and she executed it flawlessly. The girls brought out their high heels and the guys look drop dead gorgeous with looks to kill and brought the attitude to match. Diandri was reunited with the long time bestie, Binal Trivedi and much hugging, kissing and happy tears ensued.




Ali spoke up to Big Boss for Diandra and she seems nicer towards him now. Maybe we have some epic friendship or gossip worthy romance in the future? The heartwarming presents the contestants received from home are always make them homesick and this time was no exception as they were unwrapped, cherished and showed off to the others.




Salman Khan wished everyone a happy Diwali as the contestants celebrated the festival with exuberance and pomp. Of course, like every episode of Big Boss, it was incomplete without the unending drama that happens without fail in every episode. We will just have to wait and see who survives the drama and elimination and emerges unscathed.