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Is Soni and Upen’s Secret Out?

Oct 26, 2014 0
Soni and Upen

The truth about Soni and Upen’s relationship

In the next episode there is a segment featuring a Snap Deal live call which Soni and Upen attend and as it turns out they are in big trouble with the audience! Yes folks! Someone is finally calling out Soni and Upen on their “brother-sister” relationship! They have been hugging, kissing, cuddling since episode one but still they claim to have brotherly and sisterly feelings for each other. Now, how does that make sense? People have been against their hypocritical attitude since the beginning and maybe it is high time they came out into the open. Audiences have been irritated by their constant denial and covering up with lame excuses when it comes to this topic. Will Soni and Upen finally come clean and accept that they do not really feel like each other’s siblings? Find out in the next episode!


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Mouni Roy Spices Up Diwali Festivities with Her Moves

Oct 24, 2014 0

Mouni Roy

Everyone was blown away by Mouni Roy’s sudden presence in the house as they came together to celebrate Diwali. Karishma was ecstatic to see her close friend again and danced with her to Madhuri’s evergreen dance numbers as everyone clapped and enjoyed the entertainment.

Gutthi and Palak from Comedy Nights with Kapil surprised everyone and lifted their moods with fun games and chit chat. They even delivered their presents from home which made everyone teary eyed. Even though they were away from their loved ones on such an important occasion, the contestants made the most of what they had and enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

Meanwhile, in a dark romantic corner, Gautam and Sonali cozied up and spread love on this joyous event. We will probably be seeing more of that soon. Fingers crossed!



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Contestants Strut their Stuff on the ramp!

Oct 23, 2014 0

Today’s episode saw the players looking their hottest with the launch of a new fashion store right on the show! So hold on to your hearts as they dress to impress and blow you away with their style sense and light the ramp on fire! The choreography charge was given to Diandra and she executed it flawlessly. The girls brought out their high heels and the guys look drop dead gorgeous with looks to kill and brought the attitude to match. Diandri was reunited with the long time bestie, Binal Trivedi and much hugging, kissing and happy tears ensued.




Ali spoke up to Big Boss for Diandra and she seems nicer towards him now. Maybe we have some epic friendship or gossip worthy romance in the future? The heartwarming presents the contestants received from home are always make them homesick and this time was no exception as they were unwrapped, cherished and showed off to the others.




Salman Khan wished everyone a happy Diwali as the contestants celebrated the festival with exuberance and pomp. Of course, like every episode of Big Boss, it was incomplete without the unending drama that happens without fail in every episode. We will just have to wait and see who survives the drama and elimination and emerges unscathed.

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