Saturday, November 25th, 2017

Amelle Berrabah

DOB: 22 April 1984

Birth Place: Aldershot, United Kingdom

Claim to fame: Sugababe

Star Facts

  • Amelle’s the only Sugababe to bag a number one single outside of the band
  • Her family used to own a kebab shop in Aldershot
  • The first Sugababes single to feature Amelle was Red Dress
  • Alex Reid was her kickboxing instructor for six years



The one with the crazy cool undercut out of the most turbulent teen girlgroup of all time, the Sugababes, Amelle grew up in Aldershot with her Moroccan parents. After attending the Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, she started a band with her sister called Boo2 and tried to secure a recording contract with them.

Boo2 never took off, and it was in December 2005 that Amelle got her big break. After singing with Boo2 in America, the Sugababes manager had seen their performance and liked what he heard. When Mutya Buena became the latest Sugababe to leave the band, he gave Amelle a call.

The first single to feature Amelle was the number 4 hit Red Dress. Since joinig the band she’s enjoyed two number 1 singles, eleven top-20 singles and two number 1 albums. She’s also the only Sugababe to earn a number 1 single outside the group, singing on the Tinchy Stryder chart-topper Never Leave You in 2009.

In 2009 after a bust up led to Keisha quitting the band, Amelle checked into a health clinic suffering from ‘nervous exhaustion’. She and Heidi announced they could no longer work with Keisha, and after her departure, Amelle received hate mail from Keisha supporters. Amelle’s also had a couple of run-ins with the police, being charged for drink-driving in 2010