Saturday, October 21st, 2017

Amy Childs

DOB:Birth Place: United Kingdom

Claim to fame: The Only Way Is Essex star

Star Facts

  • Amy was only 19 when The Only Way is Essex started!
  • Amy used to date fellow co-star Kirk Norwood but is now in a relationship with a city broker named Joe.
  • Amy used to be a former Essex county table tennis player.
  • She made the terms ‘well jeal’ and ‘vajazzled’ famous.
  • She used to charge £50 for a massage but now that she’s a celebrity she charges £80.



Amy Childs is a 20-year-old busty Jordan wannabe from Brentwood in Essex. “Jordan is definitely my idol. Her looks, her career, her businesses – she’s fantastic,” says the qualified beautician.

Already sporting fake tan and fake boobs, Amy Childs is certainly trying to follow in the footsteps of her chosen idol, and she had her first taste of fame in 2010 thanks to the success of ITV2’s living soap The Only Way Is Essex.

She stars as herself, of course, in The Only Way Is Essex as the camera crews follow the Essex wannabe’s about their daily lives in Brentwood. Amy Childs quickly established herself as the show’s most popular dumb brunette, and was initially to be found dating fellow The Only Way Is Essex ‘star’, Kirk Norcross. That proved to be a disaster though, and the two split after Kirk’s ‘secret’ date with self-proclaimed DJ, and former glamour girl, Lauren Pope.

Although currently single, Amy Childs is rumored to be dating a city banker. Chances? Probably quite high, we reckon. She claims in her bio to like ‘Men who know how to treat her right,’ so we guess that means to buy her things… Although, she’s also swift to point out that she hates men ‘who think they can buy her affection.’ Because that would never happen. No, no, no…

The most interesting bit of trivia about Amy Childs? Well, that would be the fact that she is a former Essex county table tennis player. We kid you not!