Sunday, December 17th, 2017

Asami Zdrenka

DOB:Birth Place: Japan

Claim to fame: Member of girl band Neon Jungle

Star Facts

  • Asami says Dido is one of her music idols
  • Asami admits being the messiest member of Neon Jungle
  • Asami was born in Japan, but now lives in the UK
  • She loves bacon

Asami Zdrenka 2


Asami Zdrenka is one quarter of new girl band Neon Jungle.

Asami, who was born in Japan, loves indie music and also loves Dido, because when she was growing up her dad would play it around the house.

She’s always loved to sing, and as a child, when her dad took her on holiday to Japan, he would make her sing to her family.