Friday, February 23rd, 2018

875dpkz0f6gnojy5.D.0.Aishwarya-Rai-Bachchan-with-daughter-Aaradhya-Bachchan-snapped-leaving-for-Cannes-Film-Festival-2014-at-Mumbai-International-Airport--4-The Science Film Festival, a project initiated by the Goetho Institut, is an event that takes place across a number of Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan, Myanmar, Sudan and The United Arab Emirates.Here in Dubai, the festival has partnered with Childrens City and SciFest Dubai and will take place over a week during which there will be a screening of 19 scientific and educational films. Alot of Asian Celebrities are routined to be in Dubai for most part of their luxury now that Dubai has been also awarded as the most Luxurious Hotels’ and lifestyle exhibiting City, One can imagine who and who will not  visit this film festival. Some Celebrities like to be in front of the Camera doing something different and its a science film festival you know who to expect and who does not needs to take out a few hours from their schedule and be greedy for unnecessary attention. well here’s hint, remember the Aashiq banaya apnay girl and the new bees from Aashiqi, noo.. not the guy, mhmm.. now you are getting hold! well keep calm and do not hold on too tight for them they run away. On the other side Our very own Irfan Khan is to attend for the Amazing novel based Life of Pi & so does ashwariya with the latest addition to Bachan family being nominated for her robotic heroine’s lead character alongside the infamous Rajani Kanth. Well the aim of the festival is to show that education and entertainment can go hand-in-hand to inform and entertain the public. Films address scientific issues and topics in interesting ways and leave its viewers with a not only an enjoyable movie experience but having learnt something new about the world around them.

Timings during the week are from 9am to 8pm except on Friday which is 3pm to 9pm.