Saturday, November 25th, 2017

2014_dxbcelebs_0_galleryDubai has been graced with 101 celebs fine dining in dubai, has graced their hotels. The already world Renowned Hotel industry of Dubai needed not more attention but these Celebs needed exotic Middle eastern Cuisine to Enthrall and excite their taste buds. What better the the best and Dubai is the best hub of the Emirates that has it all not just middle eastern cuisine but all in one tiny yet foreseeable from a miles away from its sky touching sky scrappers most of them being Hotels.. yeah!

101 celebereties as the hotel authorities confrimed have already been adding to the traffic in Dubai, more to as aproaches the new year and off goes 2014. Dubai is the place to be if you are paparazzi or if you are looking for what they are trying to capture too, maybe you can just tag yourself along, now is your chance. go get em!