Saturday, November 25th, 2017

In Dubai to promote his new movie Bhootnath Returns, Amitabh Bachchan was his usual suave and drily witty self. Asked what his advice to the youth was, Big B quipped, “I am beyond giving advice. I want the youth to give me advice.”

But pressed to answer for a young audience, he replied, “The usual advice…study hard, obey the law…. In the context of this movie, I’d say be conscious of social issues [facing us].”
A sombre Big B

Weirdly, soon after he answered this question, someone asked him the exact same question about advice. “I just answered,” Bachchan Senior responded. Indeed, he did!

As you know, Mr Bachchan reprises his role of a ghost in this movie (the sequel to Bhootnath). Most people fear ghosts, what does the superstar fear? “Right now, I fear this question!” he said. But then he got serious, explaining that as an artist he feared “not living up to people’s expectations.”

Boman Irani, who plays a politician in Bhootnath Returns, was asked what he thought of Bollywood movies these days. The talented actor said he appreciated the fact that there were “very different voices and stamps around. It’s an exciting time to be here.”