Saturday, November 25th, 2017

The sweltering heat of the desert is enough to enough to drive anyone insane but we may have found the perfect solution. Dubai’s constitutional monarch, Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashad, has expressed great confidence in this seemingly impossible task of converting a piece of the desert into a completely air conditioned area.




It is hard to imagine such a reality where 48 million square foot of desert will be an enormous mall with a state of the art air conditioning system.  It is to be called The Mall of the World which may be fitting since it would be one of a kind since it would boast the biggest shopping mall the world has ever seen. It will supposedly comprise of around 20,000 hotel rooms, a theme park, a hospital, theaters. It will be sheltered by a glass dome of epic proportions considering the land it will have to cover.




Its architecture is said to be inspired by the stunning master crafted buildings in the UK, the US and Spain. The initial model structures look truly magnificent and if the builders manage to pull it off it will be a spectacular sight to behold that will be nothing short of a miracle.


uae-will-build-the-worlds-first-air-conditioned-city-in-dubaiSource: Dubai Govt. Media Office

It will be another architectural marvel to add to the growing list in Dubai probably the crown jewel of this amazing collection. It will generate a lot of profit from local and international tourism and will take Dubai to the top as the cultural and economic center of the world. Only time will tell how it will fare but a lot of high hopes rest on its success.