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Ashwariya, Irfan and so Many other Celebs To Attend the Science Film Festival 2014 Hosted in Dubai

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875dpkz0f6gnojy5.D.0.Aishwarya-Rai-Bachchan-with-daughter-Aaradhya-Bachchan-snapped-leaving-for-Cannes-Film-Festival-2014-at-Mumbai-International-Airport--4-The Science Film Festival, a project initiated by the Goetho Institut, is an event that takes place across a number of Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan, Myanmar, Sudan and The United Arab Emirates.Here in Dubai, the festival has partnered with Childrens City and SciFest Dubai and will take place over a week during which there will be a screening of 19 scientific and educational films. Alot of Asian Celebrities are routined to be in Dubai for most part of their luxury now that Dubai has been also awarded as the most Luxurious Hotels’ and lifestyle exhibiting City, One can imagine who and who will not  visit this film festival. Some Celebrities like to be in front of the Camera doing something different and its a science film festival you know who to expect and who does not needs to take out a few hours from their schedule and be greedy for unnecessary attention. well here’s hint, remember the Aashiq banaya apnay girl and the new bees from Aashiqi, noo.. not the guy, mhmm.. now you are getting hold! well keep calm and do not hold on too tight for them they run away. On the other side Our very own Irfan Khan is to attend for the Amazing novel based Life of Pi & so does ashwariya with the latest addition to Bachan family being nominated for her robotic heroine’s lead character alongside the infamous Rajani Kanth. Well the aim of the festival is to show that education and entertainment can go hand-in-hand to inform and entertain the public. Films address scientific issues and topics in interesting ways and leave its viewers with a not only an enjoyable movie experience but having learnt something new about the world around them.

Timings during the week are from 9am to 8pm except on Friday which is 3pm to 9pm.

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20140716_Samsung-Beach-Soccer-Intercontinental-Cup-2014Confirming Dubai as a top-class hotspot for football on the beach, Samsung Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup 2014 welcomes the best teams from each continent with the UAE as the hosts. The competition’s fourth edition will offer another exciting contest and attract huge crowds with food and beverages and day-long entertainment for the whole family. This time the match will be at the Jumeirah Beach, Umm Sequim. you know when Dubai beaches come its the season for the hot hot celebs to wear their bikinis and show their ravishing bodies, to let simmer in the sun and do some show off, well be there and make sure you dont miss out the show. Oh! n by the way which is free. besides celebrities, Dubai beach is always loved and full of lollipops and one can only imagine the hotness when it calls for competition in the run. eye candies, lollipops popping all out in the sandy beach of Jumeirah to sooth your eyes off of the shinning sun and the glittering water, there will be lot more than just these two beach entities glittering and cathching your eye, i feel srry for them, for there show is to be stealed by all that is to happen in the happening. make sure you wear less to because your going to be carried away in the moment, for the event doesnot requires much of a baggage then it already comes with as an offering of. 7 out of 10, see you at the Jumeirah beach 4th-8th November, make sure you dont miss the shot and your shorts while kicking in the Soccer ball. Even if you do sand will be the cushion yo! girls and guys lets Kick it! remember you have to lift your foot and save your faces! Oo. I’m excited!

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Dubai pays attention to Legal laws

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4809799841581147536According to its article 142 of penal procedures a man is to pay 10,000 UAE dirhams as a penalty to insult a woman. After the recent happening of a man who did insulted one and later argued, was this bar raised. Although there is no price to a Woman’s repect but Dubai has put it, but its releive to know that they are making progress. Arabic Women Its time to be awared of what your husbands our any man owes you to insult you, for Arabic men value money alot and very handy with it. Well seems like the Sharjah court didnot made such a bad policy, they know their audience and dealt with it progressively and very strategically and diplomatic the Arabs are. Always have been. its time for the Women to stand up and demand for their rights if violated, this is an Alarm for you all wake up for if you have been pushed down to fall asleep, the Legal actions calls for your appeal and Dubai being a global hub needs to adjust itself, on part of its many foriegn dealings and affairs if they is no respect for the rising women gender and rights, there will be none from them in the very world who considers them the global hub!

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Arabian- Beautiful

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Perfect fall pout

How get the perfect fall pout

Join the United Arab Emirates in getting to know their beauty, get their beauty tips about the Arabian Beauty. Thier home remedies to having a beautiful healthy looking you. From Abu Dhabi to Dubai, the main attraction. the experts will help you get to know the herbal science of Arabians. This is your chance to get to know the Arabian Beauty secrets, pure from the land and in the Beautiful land of Arabia itself. Although Dubai is Full of Artificial Nature that it has created, but the Beauties in Dubai, the Arabic are to be complimented and they are coming to their homeland to tip you with some of their unrevealed secrets, be relieved now! instead be excited but be patient till the coming 2015. Dubai’s Arabian party nights are to turn into Beauty ones from 28th till 31st January 2015, make sure you dont miss out, whats under those Hijabs, Beauty..yes!

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The Kardashians in Dubia

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Kim Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner arrive to hotel in Dubai

Kim visits Dubai for the first time!

Kim an Chris Jenner to visit dubai for the first time, for launching their new Dash store and doing the advertising for their own new Millions of Milkshakes. To add to the Extra ordinary Diverse amount of variety in cuisine that Dubai offers for everyone, with people visiting from every where, Chris Jenner couldn’t be any right on spot than this and with Kim to accompany her, the attention is already is Mrs. Jenner’s bag, We hope its the Business thats get promoted and not Kims Girls getting attention, or the small little Island doesnot has the space to carry any more load then the so much wildly going on scale that is always on the grove 24×7. Arbas lower your Gaze! Dubai is to get new on style and Life style, not forget beauty tips, if you need any the Kardashians always love attention and will be ready to answer your Questions, just remember its their forst time so not to be as bold as them. get my point, i know you do!

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Celebs fine dining in Dubai

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2014_dxbcelebs_0_galleryDubai has been graced with 101 celebs fine dining in dubai, has graced their hotels. The already world Renowned Hotel industry of Dubai needed not more attention but these Celebs needed exotic Middle eastern Cuisine to Enthrall and excite their taste buds. What better the the best and Dubai is the best hub of the Emirates that has it all not just middle eastern cuisine but all in one tiny yet foreseeable from a miles away from its sky touching sky scrappers most of them being Hotels.. yeah!

101 celebereties as the hotel authorities confrimed have already been adding to the traffic in Dubai, more to as aproaches the new year and off goes 2014. Dubai is the place to be if you are paparazzi or if you are looking for what they are trying to capture too, maybe you can just tag yourself along, now is your chance. go get em!

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New Construction an environmental constratint to Dubai

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28po11As more and more Businesses are attracted to this global village, Dubai is finding it hard to keep pace of Controlling the wastage they are adding to its environment. Dubai a developed Middle Eastern hub, which is one of the World’s greatest and most tempting attractions yo businesses all around the globe, no matter its size, the more and more businesses add to the economy of this global village, they also do to its wastage. The construction that takes place has reached around 725-730 kg per dumping of every construction site on average and there is a lot of constructing activity always on the move in Dubai, not just the Party. this is an issue Dubai needs to solve Quick, it is becoming a problem for the locals as well, the waste is so much that in some regions the children are instructed by parents not to go out on the street to be cautious against the dirt and dumping of construction that has crept up to the street level. if not controlled it will soon make Dubai an unattractive place be it slow and steady but with the pace or rate of increasing construction it is not to be foreseeable in much farther future when the small Business and much like tourist hub Dubai can turn into a Dumping ground and the sheiks will have to clean it altogether. d09_16832063a-new-building-site-is-rainbowed-onto-the-palm-jumeirah

Carbon dioxide per Capita is 44 times more in Dubai as compared the Much bigger whole of India and 15 times more than the even greater China. Maybe now its much more imaginable how concerning this issue is and demands the attention to be solved before it wipes the island away. UN is helping Dubai with it and according to their report the growing population and the ever increasing traffic is contributing to the atmospheric as well as ground pollution. every household in Dubai is reported to have 600 cars per 1000 people. Dubai has the UAE’s most busiest airports and the most active. Scientist say that if Dubai does not controls it in the meantime it will be contributing to a rise in average Global temperature due to its strategic location, by 1.8-4 degrees Celsius, because every thing in Dubai is man made and so for energy Fossil fuels are burnt for Power and energy to run transports. Henceforth by the end of Century if not controlled this issue, Dubai is accused of putting millions, to be under exaggerating, lives at risk, worldwide!514579909

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The Russian allign Dubai’s Happening Scene with their elegance

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11bc2023d914de1d8a197a64bfb45c3bAs does party strikes Dubai so does Elegance. Dubai truly appears to be a Global hub. Something for everyone! while there will be parties on the Dance floor, there will be Ballerinas in the Ball room. Straight from the Russia to the Madinat theater in dubai, the Bellerinas perserving and dancing their hearts out to execute the Soft Ballet in the Hard and enthralling style of the russians, what best to remind the world of heir countries existence, by something they will be intrested in at the moemtn, entertainment, yes! and at the same time they will be like oo.. the Russian Ballerinas. Dubai has the attention all the time but neve better than this year’s end. 2014 started off like what maybe we dont remember but i hope the Russians add to a memorable night of it this november.




the Madinat Jumeirah theater to be visited by Russian Ballerinas

the Madinat Jumeirah theater to be visited by Russian Ballerinas


After all its the best Ballet starts from Russia. We add a 7.5 out of 10 if it were to be rated for adding a beautiful and elegant  diversity to the Dubai Entertainment, especially at this time of the year! it is challenging indeed, but its the best Russia’s offering at the global cultural villiage at a time where there is in literal terms the most diversity of culture, people and intersts to entertain.

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Abracadabra! Meet Deceptionist, Warrior, Unusualist, Manipulator

Jun 27, 2014 0

The Illusionists are bringing their spectacular stage show back to Dubai – probably in a puff of smoke. Six highly-skilled performers, each with their own specific area of expertise, will have audiences scratching their heads and gasping, “How did they do that?”

The stage troupe brought their show to the Dubai World Trade Centre last August in a sold out two-week spell. Acts such as The Anti-Conjuror, The Inventor, The Trickster and The Escapologist performed feats of Russian roulette, levitation, mind-reading, disappearances and escapes – with plenty of pyrotechnics.

This time, six new acts are on board for the September run: The Warrior, The Deceptionist, The Unusualist, The Futurist, The Manipulator, and The Master Magician in a show titled The Illusionists 2.0.

The World Trade Centre will host ten performances featuring giant 3D projections, video screens and other cutting edge technology. Creative Producer Simon Painter says, “The Illusionists 2.0 creates a 21st century stage spectacular that will leave audiences spellbound.”

Launching in January 2012 with a sold-out season at the famous Sydney Opera House in Australia, The Illusionists have wowed crowds in Mexico, New Zealand and the UK. The show’s tagline asks you to “witness the impossible.” Here’s your guide to the magical maestros coming to Dubai this autumn.

Illusionist: The Master Magician
Real name: Luis de Matos
Skill: Mega illusions
From: Portugal

Illusionist: The Unusualist
Real name: Raymond Crowe
Skill: Optical illusions
From: Australia

Illusionist: The Deceptionist
Real name: James More
Skill: Sleight of hand
From: Britain

Illusionist: The Futurist
Real name: Adam Trent
Skill: Technology illusions
From: America

Illusionist: The Warrior
Real name: Aaron Crow
Skill: Weapon magic
From: Belgium

Illusionist: The Manipulator
Real name: Yu Ho-Jin
Skill: Card manipulation
From: South Korea

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Development to pick up pace as Dubai gears for Expo 2020

Jun 27, 2014 0

Development is expected to pick up pace beginning next year as Dubai sets into motion its master-plan for World Expo 2020, key government agencies revealed at the ongoing Destination Dubai 2020 conference.

The Dubai Expo 2020 event will require GBP 6.45bn (Dh 39.23 billion) of investment to develop all of the required facilities and host the event – a figure that, according to Helal Saeed al Marri, Director-General at Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), would be needed for the development and operational costs until the end of the event.

Al Marri said a “significant amount” of the funding will come from the government, but there was also an opportunity for the private sector to invest during the build up to Expo 2020 and during the event itself.

“There was a significant opportunity for foreign direct investment (FDI) from the event,” he said in the opening keynote session at the conference which opened today at Dubai’s JW Marriott Marquis Hotel.

Al Marri said preparation for the event involved two main areas, development of the actual Expo site and the development of the city.

“The Expo site requires significant infrastructure and development, and the team is working on designs for this. This will be very project based,” he said. “The other side is city readiness. [The event] will require significant development around the city.”

Al Marri highlighted that doubling the number of hotel rooms was a key part of preparing the city to handle the 25 million visitors expected to attend the event, 70 per cent of whom will come from outside the UAE. This will include a number of “good quality” three- and four-star hotels.

The DTCM chief said the newly created Higher Committee would coordinate the activities of all the different government entities to ensure all projects are delivered on time.

Another exciting development set to take off next year is Burj 2020, which when completed is expected to be the world’s tallest commercial tower, revealed Ahmed Bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman, Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC).

“We have put out tender to work with consultants, the architect will be announced this year, and construction will start next year [2015]. It will be built by 2020,” said Ahmed bin Sulayem, Executive Chairman, DMCC.

The tower is planned as the world tallest commercial tower. It will be a steel structure meaning that it can be built quickly. “That tower is likely to be a steel structure and very efficient,” continued bin Sulayem. “We are leaving nothing to chance with that building.”

For leasing, DMCC expects that the tower will attract large international companies. “It is catering to multi-national corporations that need 10-20 floors,” he added.

The ongoing Destination Dubai 2020 event is the first conference to detail the very latest developments in Dubai’s preparations for Expo 2020.

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