Sunday, December 17th, 2017

4809799841581147536According to its article 142 of penal procedures a man is to pay 10,000 UAE dirhams as a penalty to insult a woman. After the recent happening of a man who did insulted one and later argued, was this bar raised. Although there is no price to a Woman’s repect but Dubai has put it, but its releive to know that they are making progress. Arabic Women Its time to be awared of what your husbands our any man owes you to insult you, for Arabic men value money alot and very handy with it. Well seems like the Sharjah court didnot made such a bad policy, they know their audience and dealt with it progressively and very strategically and diplomatic the Arabs are. Always have been. its time for the Women to stand up and demand for their rights if violated, this is an Alarm for you all wake up for if you have been pushed down to fall asleep, the Legal actions calls for your appeal and Dubai being a global hub needs to adjust itself, on part of its many foriegn dealings and affairs if they is no respect for the rising women gender and rights, there will be none from them in the very world who considers them the global hub!