Saturday, November 25th, 2017

28po11As more and more Businesses are attracted to this global village, Dubai is finding it hard to keep pace of Controlling the wastage they are adding to its environment. Dubai a developed Middle Eastern hub, which is one of the World’s greatest and most tempting attractions yo businesses all around the globe, no matter its size, the more and more businesses add to the economy of this global village, they also do to its wastage. The construction that takes place has reached around 725-730 kg per dumping of every construction site on average and there is a lot of constructing activity always on the move in Dubai, not just the Party. this is an issue Dubai needs to solve Quick, it is becoming a problem for the locals as well, the waste is so much that in some regions the children are instructed by parents not to go out on the street to be cautious against the dirt and dumping of construction that has crept up to the street level. if not controlled it will soon make Dubai an unattractive place be it slow and steady but with the pace or rate of increasing construction it is not to be foreseeable in much farther future when the small Business and much like tourist hub Dubai can turn into a Dumping ground and the sheiks will have to clean it altogether. d09_16832063a-new-building-site-is-rainbowed-onto-the-palm-jumeirah

Carbon dioxide per Capita is 44 times more in Dubai as compared the Much bigger whole of India and 15 times more than the even greater China. Maybe now its much more imaginable how concerning this issue is and demands the attention to be solved before it wipes the island away. UN is helping Dubai with it and according to their report the growing population and the ever increasing traffic is contributing to the atmospheric as well as ground pollution. every household in Dubai is reported to have 600 cars per 1000 people. Dubai has the UAE’s most busiest airports and the most active. Scientist say that if Dubai does not controls it in the meantime it will be contributing to a rise in average Global temperature due to its strategic location, by 1.8-4 degrees Celsius, because every thing in Dubai is man made and so for energy Fossil fuels are burnt for Power and energy to run transports. Henceforth by the end of Century if not controlled this issue, Dubai is accused of putting millions, to be under exaggerating, lives at risk, worldwide!514579909