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Ashwariya, Irfan and so Many other Celebs To Attend the Science Film Festival 2014 Hosted in Dubai

Oct 28, 2014 0

875dpkz0f6gnojy5.D.0.Aishwarya-Rai-Bachchan-with-daughter-Aaradhya-Bachchan-snapped-leaving-for-Cannes-Film-Festival-2014-at-Mumbai-International-Airport--4-The Science Film Festival, a project initiated by the Goetho Institut, is an event that takes place across a number of Asian countries such as Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, Jordan, Myanmar, Sudan and The United Arab Emirates.Here in Dubai, the festival has partnered with Childrens City and SciFest Dubai and will take place over a week during which there will be a screening of 19 scientific and educational films. Alot of Asian Celebrities are routined to be in Dubai for most part of their luxury now that Dubai has been also awarded as the most Luxurious Hotels’ and lifestyle exhibiting City, One can imagine who and who will not  visit this film festival. Some Celebrities like to be in front of the Camera doing something different and its a science film festival you know who to expect and who does not needs to take out a few hours from their schedule and be greedy for unnecessary attention. well here’s hint, remember the Aashiq banaya apnay girl and the new bees from Aashiqi, noo.. not the guy, mhmm.. now you are getting hold! well keep calm and do not hold on too tight for them they run away. On the other side Our very own Irfan Khan is to attend for the Amazing novel based Life of Pi & so does ashwariya with the latest addition to Bachan family being nominated for her robotic heroine’s lead character alongside the infamous Rajani Kanth. Well the aim of the festival is to show that education and entertainment can go hand-in-hand to inform and entertain the public. Films address scientific issues and topics in interesting ways and leave its viewers with a not only an enjoyable movie experience but having learnt something new about the world around them.

Timings during the week are from 9am to 8pm except on Friday which is 3pm to 9pm.

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Dubai pays attention to Legal laws

Oct 28, 2014 0

4809799841581147536According to its article 142 of penal procedures a man is to pay 10,000 UAE dirhams as a penalty to insult a woman. After the recent happening of a man who did insulted one and later argued, was this bar raised. Although there is no price to a Woman’s repect but Dubai has put it, but its releive to know that they are making progress. Arabic Women Its time to be awared of what your husbands our any man owes you to insult you, for Arabic men value money alot and very handy with it. Well seems like the Sharjah court didnot made such a bad policy, they know their audience and dealt with it progressively and very strategically and diplomatic the Arabs are. Always have been. its time for the Women to stand up and demand for their rights if violated, this is an Alarm for you all wake up for if you have been pushed down to fall asleep, the Legal actions calls for your appeal and Dubai being a global hub needs to adjust itself, on part of its many foriegn dealings and affairs if they is no respect for the rising women gender and rights, there will be none from them in the very world who considers them the global hub!

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The Kardashians in Dubia

Oct 28, 2014 0
Kim Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner arrive to hotel in Dubai

Kim visits Dubai for the first time!

Kim an Chris Jenner to visit dubai for the first time, for launching their new Dash store and doing the advertising for their own new Millions of Milkshakes. To add to the Extra ordinary Diverse amount of variety in cuisine that Dubai offers for everyone, with people visiting from every where, Chris Jenner couldn’t be any right on spot than this and with Kim to accompany her, the attention is already is Mrs. Jenner’s bag, We hope its the Business thats get promoted and not Kims Girls getting attention, or the small little Island doesnot has the space to carry any more load then the so much wildly going on scale that is always on the grove 24×7. Arbas lower your Gaze! Dubai is to get new on style and Life style, not forget beauty tips, if you need any the Kardashians always love attention and will be ready to answer your Questions, just remember its their forst time so not to be as bold as them. get my point, i know you do!

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Celebs fine dining in Dubai

Oct 28, 2014 0

2014_dxbcelebs_0_galleryDubai has been graced with 101 celebs fine dining in dubai, has graced their hotels. The already world Renowned Hotel industry of Dubai needed not more attention but these Celebs needed exotic Middle eastern Cuisine to Enthrall and excite their taste buds. What better the the best and Dubai is the best hub of the Emirates that has it all not just middle eastern cuisine but all in one tiny yet foreseeable from a miles away from its sky touching sky scrappers most of them being Hotels.. yeah!

101 celebereties as the hotel authorities confrimed have already been adding to the traffic in Dubai, more to as aproaches the new year and off goes 2014. Dubai is the place to be if you are paparazzi or if you are looking for what they are trying to capture too, maybe you can just tag yourself along, now is your chance. go get em!

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Sonam Kapoor Wows in Sania Maskatiya

Oct 26, 2014 0
Sonam Kapoor cover

Sonam Kapoor in a gorgeous Sania Maskatiya top

Sonam Kapoor has known to be the most stylish actress in Bollywood with her fashion sense more popular than her acting. So it was no surprise when Cosmopolitan India chose to feature her on the cover of their highly anticipated new issue. The surprise was to see Sonam all dolled up in Pakistani designer, Sania Masktiya, who has been steadily building a solid fan base in the Indian market. Sonam Kapoor can be seen posing on Cosmopolitan India’s latest cover in Sania Maskatiya’s cherry blossom bralet from her Sakura collection and can we just say she looks stunning!


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Ali Zafar’s Birthday Gift to New BFF Parineeti Chopra

Oct 25, 2014 0
Ali Zafar and Parineeti Chopra

Ali and Parineeti’s friendship

Tensions on the Indo-Pak border have been escalating every single day that goes by but that does not seem to have deterred Ali Zafar from improving his relationships across the border. Parineeti Chopra has revealed that she has many Pakistani friends and that she and Ali Zafar have developed a close friendship while working on the sets of their upcoming flick, Kill Dil. Recently, Parineeti Chopra celebrated her birthday and Ali Zafar was eager to please his new bestie with a gift that is indeed to die for! It was a stunning Zara Shahjahan ensemble that would make any girl feel like a million bucks! The outfit was embellished with intricate embroidery and has flowing fabric in shades of deep black and feminine coral in the designer’s signature style that has wowed us again and again. This dress was chosen from her latest collection presented at the recent PFDC Loreal Paris Bridal Fashion Week. We hope to see Parineeti Chopra dazzle us all in this new gift soon! No doubt its elegance will be enhanced by her own natural beauty and grace.


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Anushka and Virat Kohli waiting for the right time

Oct 24, 2014 0

Recently, a new teaser was launched for Amir Khan’s new film, PK, which also stars Anushka Sharma and Sanjay Dutt. The posters and teaser, showing an apparently nude Amir Khan covered by a an old radio, have already caused quite a stir in the film fraternity and general public especially the conservative ones about the message being given through such exposure.

download (18)

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However, an even hotter topic at the event was one that has been in the news for ages but Ms Sharma has yet to give clear comments on it and therefore, people are left to speculation. Rumors have been circulating about Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s families getting together to discuss marriage but there has been an absence of any solid facts because the alleged couple has been very tight lipped about the entire affair.

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images (46)

When questioned about these rumors, Anushka Sharma refused to talk on this subject citing the launch was not the right place or this the right time for such a topic. This lead Amir Khan to tease her about taking this whole topic to a perfect destination so that everyone could freely hear all the juicy details about her famous alleged romance with Indian cricketer, Virat Kohli, and their future plans regarding marriage

images (45)

images (41)

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Dubai to get a new indoor skydiving tunnel… and this one’s even bigger!

Jun 26, 2014 0

The A-lister strapped on a helmet and took the plunge at the world’s biggest indoor skydiving tunnel last time he was here – but Inflight Dubai is now working on an even bigger version on the Palm Jumeirah.

Along with actor Smith, Inflight Dubai has hosted tennis superstar Novak Djokovic, and singer Maxwell at its 16.5ft tunnel next to the Skydive Dubai Desert Campus – not to mention thousands of the UAE’s adrenalin junkies.

And they’re determined to go one better with their new facility on the Palm, set to measure a whopping 22ft across. Further details of the project are being kept under wraps.

The first wind tunnel, which opened last August, recreates wind speeds of up to 305km per hour – fiercer than a category five hurricane. At 65ft tall, 22 people can take the plunge in unison, and there is an observation deck so friends and family can snap those all-important pictures.

Inflight Dubai’s new tunnel – billed as its widest, tallest and strongest yet – is understood to be part of the Dhs2.5bn Nakheel Mall development on the Palm.

Scheduled for completion in 2016, the project incorporates 418,000sq metres of retail, dining and entertainment space, along with two further malls and a boardwalk.

The project is the third of note to be announced for the Palm this year, with ‘The Pointe’ also due to spring up the Atlantis.  The team behind the upmarket retail development is touting it as ‘one of the most iconic retail and entertainment destinations in Dubai.’

It will be accessible by water taxis and via the Palm monorail, which will be connected to the mainland tram system upon completion.

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