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Dubai pays attention to Legal laws

Oct 28, 2014 0

4809799841581147536According to its article 142 of penal procedures a man is to pay 10,000 UAE dirhams as a penalty to insult a woman. After the recent happening of a man who did insulted one and later argued, was this bar raised. Although there is no price to a Woman’s repect but Dubai has put it, but its releive to know that they are making progress. Arabic Women Its time to be awared of what your husbands our any man owes you to insult you, for Arabic men value money alot and very handy with it. Well seems like the Sharjah court didnot made such a bad policy, they know their audience and dealt with it progressively and very strategically and diplomatic the Arabs are. Always have been. its time for the Women to stand up and demand for their rights if violated, this is an Alarm for you all wake up for if you have been pushed down to fall asleep, the Legal actions calls for your appeal and Dubai being a global hub needs to adjust itself, on part of its many foriegn dealings and affairs if they is no respect for the rising women gender and rights, there will be none from them in the very world who considers them the global hub!

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Arabian- Beautiful

Oct 28, 2014 0
Perfect fall pout

How get the perfect fall pout

Join the United Arab Emirates in getting to know their beauty, get their beauty tips about the Arabian Beauty. Thier home remedies to having a beautiful healthy looking you. From Abu Dhabi to Dubai, the main attraction. the experts will help you get to know the herbal science of Arabians. This is your chance to get to know the Arabian Beauty secrets, pure from the land and in the Beautiful land of Arabia itself. Although Dubai is Full of Artificial Nature that it has created, but the Beauties in Dubai, the Arabic are to be complimented and they are coming to their homeland to tip you with some of their unrevealed secrets, be relieved now! instead be excited but be patient till the coming 2015. Dubai’s Arabian party nights are to turn into Beauty ones from 28th till 31st January 2015, make sure you dont miss out, whats under those Hijabs, Beauty..yes!

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The Kardashians in Dubia

Oct 28, 2014 0
Kim Kardashian and mom Kris Jenner arrive to hotel in Dubai

Kim visits Dubai for the first time!

Kim an Chris Jenner to visit dubai for the first time, for launching their new Dash store and doing the advertising for their own new Millions of Milkshakes. To add to the Extra ordinary Diverse amount of variety in cuisine that Dubai offers for everyone, with people visiting from every where, Chris Jenner couldn’t be any right on spot than this and with Kim to accompany her, the attention is already is Mrs. Jenner’s bag, We hope its the Business thats get promoted and not Kims Girls getting attention, or the small little Island doesnot has the space to carry any more load then the so much wildly going on scale that is always on the grove 24×7. Arbas lower your Gaze! Dubai is to get new on style and Life style, not forget beauty tips, if you need any the Kardashians always love attention and will be ready to answer your Questions, just remember its their forst time so not to be as bold as them. get my point, i know you do!

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Celebs fine dining in Dubai

Oct 28, 2014 0

2014_dxbcelebs_0_galleryDubai has been graced with 101 celebs fine dining in dubai, has graced their hotels. The already world Renowned Hotel industry of Dubai needed not more attention but these Celebs needed exotic Middle eastern Cuisine to Enthrall and excite their taste buds. What better the the best and Dubai is the best hub of the Emirates that has it all not just middle eastern cuisine but all in one tiny yet foreseeable from a miles away from its sky touching sky scrappers most of them being Hotels.. yeah!

101 celebereties as the hotel authorities confrimed have already been adding to the traffic in Dubai, more to as aproaches the new year and off goes 2014. Dubai is the place to be if you are paparazzi or if you are looking for what they are trying to capture too, maybe you can just tag yourself along, now is your chance. go get em!

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New Construction an environmental constratint to Dubai

Oct 28, 2014 0

28po11As more and more Businesses are attracted to this global village, Dubai is finding it hard to keep pace of Controlling the wastage they are adding to its environment. Dubai a developed Middle Eastern hub, which is one of the World’s greatest and most tempting attractions yo businesses all around the globe, no matter its size, the more and more businesses add to the economy of this global village, they also do to its wastage. The construction that takes place has reached around 725-730 kg per dumping of every construction site on average and there is a lot of constructing activity always on the move in Dubai, not just the Party. this is an issue Dubai needs to solve Quick, it is becoming a problem for the locals as well, the waste is so much that in some regions the children are instructed by parents not to go out on the street to be cautious against the dirt and dumping of construction that has crept up to the street level. if not controlled it will soon make Dubai an unattractive place be it slow and steady but with the pace or rate of increasing construction it is not to be foreseeable in much farther future when the small Business and much like tourist hub Dubai can turn into a Dumping ground and the sheiks will have to clean it altogether. d09_16832063a-new-building-site-is-rainbowed-onto-the-palm-jumeirah

Carbon dioxide per Capita is 44 times more in Dubai as compared the Much bigger whole of India and 15 times more than the even greater China. Maybe now its much more imaginable how concerning this issue is and demands the attention to be solved before it wipes the island away. UN is helping Dubai with it and according to their report the growing population and the ever increasing traffic is contributing to the atmospheric as well as ground pollution. every household in Dubai is reported to have 600 cars per 1000 people. Dubai has the UAE’s most busiest airports and the most active. Scientist say that if Dubai does not controls it in the meantime it will be contributing to a rise in average Global temperature due to its strategic location, by 1.8-4 degrees Celsius, because every thing in Dubai is man made and so for energy Fossil fuels are burnt for Power and energy to run transports. Henceforth by the end of Century if not controlled this issue, Dubai is accused of putting millions, to be under exaggerating, lives at risk, worldwide!514579909

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Abracadabra! Meet Deceptionist, Warrior, Unusualist, Manipulator

Jun 27, 2014 0

The Illusionists are bringing their spectacular stage show back to Dubai – probably in a puff of smoke. Six highly-skilled performers, each with their own specific area of expertise, will have audiences scratching their heads and gasping, “How did they do that?”

The stage troupe brought their show to the Dubai World Trade Centre last August in a sold out two-week spell. Acts such as The Anti-Conjuror, The Inventor, The Trickster and The Escapologist performed feats of Russian roulette, levitation, mind-reading, disappearances and escapes – with plenty of pyrotechnics.

This time, six new acts are on board for the September run: The Warrior, The Deceptionist, The Unusualist, The Futurist, The Manipulator, and The Master Magician in a show titled The Illusionists 2.0.

The World Trade Centre will host ten performances featuring giant 3D projections, video screens and other cutting edge technology. Creative Producer Simon Painter says, “The Illusionists 2.0 creates a 21st century stage spectacular that will leave audiences spellbound.”

Launching in January 2012 with a sold-out season at the famous Sydney Opera House in Australia, The Illusionists have wowed crowds in Mexico, New Zealand and the UK. The show’s tagline asks you to “witness the impossible.” Here’s your guide to the magical maestros coming to Dubai this autumn.

Illusionist: The Master Magician
Real name: Luis de Matos
Skill: Mega illusions
From: Portugal

Illusionist: The Unusualist
Real name: Raymond Crowe
Skill: Optical illusions
From: Australia

Illusionist: The Deceptionist
Real name: James More
Skill: Sleight of hand
From: Britain

Illusionist: The Futurist
Real name: Adam Trent
Skill: Technology illusions
From: America

Illusionist: The Warrior
Real name: Aaron Crow
Skill: Weapon magic
From: Belgium

Illusionist: The Manipulator
Real name: Yu Ho-Jin
Skill: Card manipulation
From: South Korea

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Motorists, be warned! Dubai Police to be armed with Google Glass

Jun 26, 2014 0

Dubai Police will have a new tool in the fight against crime… Google Glass.

It has been reported that the force will use the smart eyewear to help catch motorists committing speeding and other traffic offences, as well as being used to spot cars wanted in connection with other crimes.

The new technology, which isn’t widely available in the UAE yet, is essentially a small camera and viewing monitor mounted onto traditionally-shaped spectacles. It allows wearers to access Google tools like search and maps, and also, more relevantly to the police, take photos and record video.

According to Gulf News, who were given a demonstration of the glasses in action, the technology is currently under trial by Dubai Police Smart Services Department.

Colonel Khalid Nasser Al Razooqi, General Director of Smart Services, revealed two tailor-made application shave been created.

“One will allow them to take photos of traffic violations from the Glass, which will go instantly into our system, and the other application helps identify wanted cars,” he said. ”If it passes our testing criteria as well as we see that it is a useful device, then we might decide to launch it and buy more of it [Google Glass].”

He added: “We at Dubai Police always try to adopt what is new in the market and we like to stay up-to-date.”

According to Google themselves, the glasses deliver high resolution display to the equivalent of a 25 inch HD screen from eight feet away, a five megapixel camera and 12GB of useable memory. It also transmits aural responses through vibrations behind the ear, known as a Bone Conduction Transducer.

Google Glass is only available in the United States at the moment, priced at $1500 (Dhs 5,500).

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Can’t find an RTA cab nearby? There’s an app for that

Jun 26, 2014 0

We’ve all been there; stranded in Jumeirah at rush hour, desperately hoping a vacant cab might drive past. Those dark days could soon be a distant memory thanks to Dubai’s new ‘smart taxi’ mobile app.

Once they’ve downloaded the app, which is linked to all 8,979 RTA taxis, all passengers have to do to order a cab is shake their phone. Their location will be sent to the nearest available taxi driver, who will pick them up.

Similar to chauffeur car services like Careem and Uber, customers can track their driver’s progress while they wait, and rate the service once they’ve reached their destination.

But if you’re thinking you can jump the queue at busy spots like Mall of the Emirates – think again. Customers who try to use the app in a mall will be directed to the taxi rank.

The app, launched by the Roads and Transport Authority, is available now for android devices, and is due to become available on the Apple store next week, according to 7Days newspaper.

“This is  a new method to book the taxi,” said Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of corporate technical support services and chairman of RTA’s smart city committee. “Before you used to shake your hand for the taxi, now you open and shake the phone.”

There is no extra fee for using the service.

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Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is ‘world’s second biggest tourist spot’

Jun 26, 2014 0

Do you fancy visiting the second best tourist attraction in the world? You’re in luck, it’s right here in the UAE.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi has snagged the number two spot in a list of the world’s top 25 tourist attractions unveiled by Trip Advisor – the world’s biggest travel website.

Macchu Pichu, the 15th Century Inca site in Peru, was at number one.

The spectacular mosque – which drew 4.5million visitors last year – ranked above the Taj Mahal, San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge, the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio, Brazil, and the World Heritage site at Petra, Jordan.

Trip Advisor said of the building: “Grand is an understatement. The architecture, the white marble, and the beautifully maintained green gardens are stunning.”

The website’s list is based on reviews from travellers, with the top 25 selected and ranked based on the quantity and quality of reviews submitted to the site over a 12 month period.

The mosque, which was completed in 2007, covers an area of more than 30 acres, and can accommodate more than 40,000 worshippers.

Over 3,000 workers helped to build the mosque, which drew inspiration from Persian, Mughal and Moorish architecture.

The carpet in the main prayer hall is believed to be the biggest carpet in the world at 60,570sq ft. It took more than a thousand carpet knotters around two years to complete.

Last year Rihanna was asked to leave the site after she posed for a series of photographs against the backdrop of the mosque, wearing a hooded black jumpsuit.

It is thought the provocative singer’s photo shoot was at odds with the “sanctity” of the mosque.

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Dubai to get a new indoor skydiving tunnel… and this one’s even bigger!

Jun 26, 2014 0

The A-lister strapped on a helmet and took the plunge at the world’s biggest indoor skydiving tunnel last time he was here – but Inflight Dubai is now working on an even bigger version on the Palm Jumeirah.

Along with actor Smith, Inflight Dubai has hosted tennis superstar Novak Djokovic, and singer Maxwell at its 16.5ft tunnel next to the Skydive Dubai Desert Campus – not to mention thousands of the UAE’s adrenalin junkies.

And they’re determined to go one better with their new facility on the Palm, set to measure a whopping 22ft across. Further details of the project are being kept under wraps.

The first wind tunnel, which opened last August, recreates wind speeds of up to 305km per hour – fiercer than a category five hurricane. At 65ft tall, 22 people can take the plunge in unison, and there is an observation deck so friends and family can snap those all-important pictures.

Inflight Dubai’s new tunnel – billed as its widest, tallest and strongest yet – is understood to be part of the Dhs2.5bn Nakheel Mall development on the Palm.

Scheduled for completion in 2016, the project incorporates 418,000sq metres of retail, dining and entertainment space, along with two further malls and a boardwalk.

The project is the third of note to be announced for the Palm this year, with ‘The Pointe’ also due to spring up the Atlantis.  The team behind the upmarket retail development is touting it as ‘one of the most iconic retail and entertainment destinations in Dubai.’

It will be accessible by water taxis and via the Palm monorail, which will be connected to the mainland tram system upon completion.

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