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20140716_Samsung-Beach-Soccer-Intercontinental-Cup-2014Confirming Dubai as a top-class hotspot for football on the beach, Samsung Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup 2014 welcomes the best teams from each continent with the UAE as the hosts. The competition’s fourth edition will offer another exciting contest and attract huge crowds with food and beverages and day-long entertainment for the whole family. This time the match will be at the Jumeirah Beach, Umm Sequim. you know when Dubai beaches come its the season for the hot hot celebs to wear their bikinis and show their ravishing bodies, to let simmer in the sun and do some show off, well be there and make sure you dont miss out the show. Oh! n by the way which is free. besides celebrities, Dubai beach is always loved and full of lollipops and one can only imagine the hotness when it calls for competition in the run. eye candies, lollipops popping all out in the sandy beach of Jumeirah to sooth your eyes off of the shinning sun and the glittering water, there will be lot more than just these two beach entities glittering and cathching your eye, i feel srry for them, for there show is to be stealed by all that is to happen in the happening. make sure you wear less to because your going to be carried away in the moment, for the event doesnot requires much of a baggage then it already comes with as an offering of. 7 out of 10, see you at the Jumeirah beach 4th-8th November, make sure you dont miss the shot and your shorts while kicking in the Soccer ball. Even if you do sand will be the cushion yo! girls and guys lets Kick it! remember you have to lift your foot and save your faces! Oo. I’m excited!

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Ashley Cole

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Ashley Cole

Name: Ashley Cole

DOB: 20 December 1980

Birth Place: Stepney, London, United Kingdom

Claim to fame: Footballer and former husband of Cheryl Cole

Star Facts

  • Ashley is a distant cousin of Mariah Carey
  • In a bizarre air rifle accident in February 2011, Ashley shot a 21-year-old work experience student at the Chelsea training grounds from 5 feet away, not realising that the gun was loaded
  • In 2006 he released an autobiography called My Defence, despite being only 25 years old
  • Ashley won the England Player of the Year Award for his international performance in 2010

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Footballing ace, all-round ladies’ man and former Mr. Cheryl Cole, Ashley Cole was born in London in 1980. His dad, who is from Barbados, left the family early and Ashley and his brother were raised in a single parent family by their mum Sue in Tower Hamlets, East London.

A London lad through and through, Ashley has played for both of the top two London teams, beginning his career at Arsenal aged 18, winning the FA Cup three times and the Premier League twice there. After an acrimonious split involving dodgy contract dealings, he moved on to Chelsea in 2006.

His skills on the field have frequently been overshadowed by his highly eventful personal life. He hooked up with our favourite WAG Cheryl in September 2004 - the good-looking pair met when they were sharing the same block of flats in London.

Ashley and Cheryl got married in 2006 and were the nation’s golden couple - until Ashley’s many, many cheap romps and graphic sex text affairs came to light and he was exposed as the ultimate footballing love rat. Boo hiss! He’s broken poor Cheryl’s heart so many times we’ve lost count, and they officially divorced in September 2010.

He’s still a major football star at Chelsea, and is now reportedly dating American model Kayla Collins. But rumours persist that Cheryl still wants him back. Oh Cheryl, will you never learn?


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