Saturday, October 21st, 2017


Big Boss 8 Ali

Current house captain of Big Boss 8 Ali


Rivalries are ripe and fierce competition is at its highest as the contestants went head to head in their latest pool challenge, which Pritam won, so he got to talk to his wife on the phone. There were as usual heated discussions about who should be captain but most ruled out Diandra citing she was too hot headed and got agitated easily turning everything into a fight leading to squabbles and unnecessary drama. Sushant and Upen were voted to be team captains. Meanwhile, Ali went on a rampage antagonizing everyone over petty things and causing chaos in general. First, he attacked Sonali passing uninvited judgment over her actions. Then he clashed with a sleepy Pritam. Later, he chose to battle Sushant in a mini flag gathering challenge, which he won, becoming captain of the house again. Ali then gave seven names from which one person would get a prize and one housemate who performed poorly in his opinion, which turned out to be Praneet, was punished with dish washing duty. Meanwhile, Sonali and Gautam were teased about their “budding romance”. Housemates warned Ali that he must start acting like a better captian towards his fellow contestants or things were going to get ugly for him.