Saturday, November 25th, 2017


Russian President, Vladimir Putin, criticizes the US government

Russian President, Vladimir Putin at the Black Sea resort of Sochi


Russian President, Vladimir Putin, addressed international political experts at the Black Sea resort of Sochi blaming the United States government for the terribly unstable state of the world, particularly the Middle East. He displayed anger in an emotional speech while blaming the United States government for the widespread chaos in the world today. He criticized the Obama administration for being power hungry and blind in their quest for power and world dominance. He explained his country’s position by stating that Russia had no plans to rebuild the Soviet Empire but wished for its rights to be respected. It is no secret that Russia and the United States always take opposing sides when it comes to any conflict such as that in Syria where Putin declared support for the regime of President Bashar Assad while the US supported his opponents. Putin commented on the Ukraine crisis saying that Russia was sincere in its efforts to help Ukraine prosper but the Western leaders have applauded the removal of the former pro-Russian Ukranian President. He further expressed the regret that the West had not responded positively every time Russia has held out its hand for cooperation.